French heritage and countryside just a stone's throw from Paris

Why Seine-et-Marne ?

Location, Location, Location …


Seine-et-Marne is an integral part of the Greater Paris Region, France’s main economic centre, giving any company easy access to France’s main consumer market, France’s principal decision makers and the latest industry innovations and developments. 


Connected to the rest of France and Europe by 3 high speed rail stations, France’s largest international airport and 5 motorways, Seine-et-Marne is an ideal location to access not just Paris but also the French market and the rest of Europe. 


1800 km of waterways, 130,000 hectares of woodland and 28,000 ha of natural habitat dote Seine-et-Marne with a magnificent countryside and allow its inhabitants a certain quality of life, whilst being only a short train ride away from the numerous attractions that a capital city such as Paris can offer.

Such a location always comes with a price, but in this case, with the average office rental costs in Seine-et-Marne a third of those for a Paris-based office, the price is just another good reason to choose Seine-et-Marne.